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Bulk Continuous Filament:  Melting and mixing PP granulates with colorant (Masterbatch) to become single, bi or tricolor synthetic fibre (with up to 210 filaments) in a process that is called extruding.

Material: PP

Titer: 1000-3600 dtex

No. of filaments: 120/144/210

Filament form: trilobal

Colors: mono-color, bi-color and tri-color

PP Frisee Yarn

PP Frisee Yarns: PP heatset Yarns (single or double) that are additionally upgraded by means of 'false twist.

Frise level: low, medium, high.

No of plyes: single and 2ply

Twist direction: S or Z

TPM: 40-200

PP Heatset Yarn

Feed  Yarns that are upgraded by means of

1. Single yarns that are twisted or

2. Double yarns that are cabled and twisted and processed (1) or (2) by means of thermofixation, process called 'straight' heatsetting.

No. of plyes: single and 2ply

Twist direction: S or Z

TPM: 40-200